Sunday, June 1, 2008

Francine's Dream of 5/31/08

I’m interviewing Bill and Leonard at a convention. I’m sitting between them on a bench pushed against the wall and we are shielded from the crowd by several of those white reflective photographer’s umbrellas. Even though we just met, they treat me like we’ve known each other for years. I lean back and Leonard puts his arms around me. Bill and I are laughing as he tells me a long-winded story and for some reason, he puts my feet in his lap. His hands are warm on my ankles. Leonard holds me tighter and lays his cheek against my neck. His cheek is scratchy and his breath smells sweet, like pineapple juice and breast milk. Bill tells a joke and we all laugh. Leonard says, “Thank you, Billy. I love you, my friend.” Bill smiles shyly and looks down. His eyelashes are still long.

Then I shake myself awake because this is heaven and I want to make sure I haven’t died in my sleep!