Saturday, November 17, 2007

JK's dream of Nov 4, 2007

OMG, this one was long and complicated and I'm already forgetting parts.

You and I drove to L.A. You needed to buy some special paper for a project. We ended up in a very sleazy neighborhood where there was a store you wanted to go to. There was a creepy guy outside asking about this special paper and you wanted to talk to him but I said, "No way, we have to drive 1000 miles to get home and watch Boston Legal." We ended up buying earrings and crap and then went to some house to watch BL. In this episode of BL, I had sex with Bill/Denny on a trip to Las Vegas. There were a whole bunch of middle-aged women there and a party at a nightclub/diner. I thought Denny was going to marry me but he secretly married one of the other women. Then she and another man were having sex in a tanning bed (ouch!). Denny was hiding and watching them. She murdered the guy by keeping him in the tanning bed too long.

There was also a recovering heroin addict played by Whoopi Goldberg (some of the time) and Bette Midler (the rest of the time). She was an artist who I moved in with with and then she got a showing at some gallery.

You and I ended up working in a shoestore.

JK's dream of Nov 15, 2007

A dream inside a movie wrapped in a rerun (which must have something to do with the writers' strike).

There was a Trek movie event (I think it may have been the new movie) and I was supposed to go with you and lot of other people. It was somewhere north of here, farther than El Cerrito. (!!) All these people kept showing up at the house I grew up in but I wasn't ready to go. I was frantically trying to find the address of the theatre and directions but my email kept crashing. Then we were all walking along a country road. Just as we stepped off the road, a plane sorta landed, sorta crashed. As we approached it, it burst into flames. Inside there were a bunch of soldiers just sitting like this was perfectly normal. Everyone I was with got in but I didn't because it gave me a creepy feeling. Then suddenly I was on the plane and I realized we were being kidnapped. The plane took off and turned into a bus - A SPACE BUS! It warped into space and I sat down. There was an old lady up front who kept saying "I think this is my stop." The driver was a big happy black woman. Turns out we weren't being kidnapped - this was a special bus (called the Zen Bus - I'm not kidding) that picked up people who couldn't get to the movie on their own and took them there. The movie was showing at a mall on another planet. We got there and because we were on the Zen bus, we got a backstage tour where the actors were preparing for a play. Not the Trek actors but one was a woman I'd worked with but neither of us could remember what show we'd done together.

Most of the rest of you went to find seats while I was talking to her so I (and a couple other stragglers) couldn't find you. It was a HUGE semi-circular theatre and we decided to get popcorn first and then look for the rest of you. The popcorn servings were ginormous. We finally found seats and when the movie started, they were showing --

Are you ready for this?

-- They were showing a Shatner dream I'd had earlier!!! I think this one was before we had the Dreams website but it was TWOK-era with Kirk looking fantastic. I can't remember the details now but I was thrilled that they'd made my dream into a movie.

JK's dream of Nov 16, 2007

I was an extra on Boston Legal but then they gave me some lines and I had a little romance with Denny Crane that included a very sweet kiss. There was another actress who looked a lot like me and she had a larger role on the show. Her character (which kept turning into me and then back into her) became friends with Denny over several episodes but then she turned bad. I can't remember what she did but her friendship with Denny was a sham.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Katheryne's dream of 10/10

I was sitting in an outdoor picnic pavilion with just about everyone I've ever met as well as a ton of my favorite celebrities. Next to me at the large round banquet table was Bruce Campbell, looking very young and very hot and smelling of some strong musk that had me wanting to pounce upon him, heedless of the danger posed to me by his formidable chin.

In any case, in the middle of our conversation, we notice William Shatner (also looking very young and very hot and reeking of mojo) walking by. As he passes, I notice that he had no clothes on. All I could see was this naked Kirk butt, walking past me and away across the room through the crowd of people. As I admire the scenery, Bruce comments on my staring, and I simply reply: "But it's *Shatner*. He *wants* you to stare." From what I can remember of the dream, even Mister Suave B Movie Actor could not argue with this.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

JK's dream of Oct 31, 2007

I was in a Star Trek episode where they beamed down to a planet and were looking for aliens (or maybe the aliens were looking for them - can't really remember). There was a cave with 2 cars in it - a flashy sportscar and a VW bug. The aliens had used the VW bug. (Maybe it was a clown car?)

Then Leonard and I were fucking. Leonard, not Spock. He was very sexy and lots of fun. Bill was sooooo jealous! Leonard said, "This is Bill's most hated episode" and we snickered. We knew it was because Leonard got the girl (me!). Bill was sulking. So cute. I had fucked Scotty too (also Bill, of course!) and wondered if I was the only fangirl to have fucked all 3.

There was more but that's all I can remember.