Thursday, September 23, 2010

Kitty's Dream of 9/21

Lene, Bill and I were staying at a big house on a lake. It had a beautiful deep pool. Bill dove in naked and I got to watch Shatner butt soar through the air. When it was time for Bill to leave, there was snow everywhere. Lene & I tried to warn him that the road was very curvy and not easy to follow but at the first curve (which we could see from the driveway), he drove into the lake. Luckily it wasn't deep. We decided that Lene would go with him to direct him to the expressway and I would follow in Lene's car to bring her back to the house.

All day I've been enjoying the feeling of just hanging out with Bill.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Lene's Dream of 9/8

I had a long dream that was confusing and I don't remember most of it. But I DO remember one small bit, where I was invited to a dinner part and got to go with my HUSBAND, William Shatner. But I was pissed as hell because they wouldn't let us sit together! Bill wanted to sit next to me but wasn't as upset as I was. He seemed resigned to doing what the hosts wanted and it turned into some kind of publicity thing anyway. Then I woke up. Still pissed off.