Friday, November 28, 2008

Kitty's Dream of November 27, 2008

They were filming the last episode of Boston Legal and I was playing a secretary. I had been playing this role since the first episode but I don't think I ever had any lines. I sat outside Denny's office next to a woman I used to work with. Michael Scott (from "The Office") worked there too but he was getting laid off. He showed me these folders, one for each employee, listing special tasks. Mine had something to do with Vista. HA! Not me.

I ended up having sex with Alan Shore up against the wall in his office. Denny came in and pushed him away so he could finish me off.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Francine's Dream of 11/24/2008

I dreamt I bought a house across from the Nimoy’s in the hills but didn’t know we were neighbors until Bill hopped out of his Mercedes convertible and rang the bell at their gate. I was working under my 1970 Volvo 1800-E—one of those little sports coupes—but slid out when he drove up. He’d done something to his engine and it rumbled loud enough to rattle the loose chrome on my car.

I stood, wiped my hands on a rag and watched him. He had his TMP hair but his Search for Spock body and he wore brown cords with no belt and a black tee shirt that was loose at the waist but stretched across his chest.

He was also wearing Tevas, but what’re you going to do?

He glanced back at me then did a double-take. I could see his eyes beneath his lashes travel over my bare arms and legs. The Beach Boys sang “Help me, Rhonda” on his radio. He grinned. I nodded at his Mercedes. He said something I couldn’t hear. He reached in his car and turned off the ignition.

Leonard came down his driveway and opened the gate. This was Leonard circa 1967, still slender but getting soft from not having to do night work, starting to drink too much and unhappy with his life. His Spock haircut had grown down to his eyebrows and his hair was full and parted in the breeze without all the pomade. It was a warm evening but he wore a dark v-neck sweater, black slacks and square-toed shoes. I could see the woman who is his wife now watching from a window, drinking a glass of wine. She squinted at Bill, then at me and turned away.

I leaned a hip against my car. Leonard lit a cigarette. Bill plucked it from his lips and took a drag. He handed it back and they both started across the street. I laughed and motioned toward the engine block hanging from a hoist over my Volvo. Leonard and I steadied the block while Bill cranked the winch. He kept up a steady stream of chatter filled with really bad puns and chuckled at his own jokes while he checked out my ass. Leonard studied me quietly.

We bolted in the engine block, moving around the car, brushing against each other, fronts to backs, backs to fronts. Bill pressed against me briefly, gently, letting me feel his erection. Leonard breathed warmly on the back of my neck and softly stroked a thumb across my nipple reaching around me for a wrench. I could smell Old Spice and Right Guard and Prell, engine grease and the tobacco from the pack of cigarettes in Leonard’s pocket. They circled me, switching places. My dogs started barking in the house. Bill slid his hands up my ribs and squeezed my breasts. Leonard lifted my chin with a knuckle and kissed me deeply and for a long time.

Then my dogs woke me up barking at a catfight in the street. Miserable mutts.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Kitty's Dream of 11/22/08

I had to do an hour-long presentation about William Shatner's charity work for a physics class. I was 20 minutes late because I was still getting photos together. I figured it didn't matter; there were only 11 people in the class. When I got there, the room was packed with people. All I did was show pictures of Bill, nothing about his charities. It was huge hit so we all went across the hall to crash a wedding reception. Great food.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Kitty's Dream of 11/18/07

This is my first Kirk dream in a long time and it's spectacularly bizarre. All dancing, all clicking... Well, you'll see.

The local Long's drugstore had become the Enterprise. It was the end of the 5YM and Kirk was sick of injured. McCoy was keeping him in sick bay (the pharmacy). Everyone else was doing their regular stuff in the aisles as they approached Earth. When they got there, Brandt (my OFC) came aboard wanting to see Kirk but Spock wouldn't let her because ... HE AND KIRK HAD MIND-MELDED AND WERE NOW LOVERS! That's right, K/S all the way.

(BTW,when they arrived on Earth they were in Hawaii so this was now the Longs Drugstore in Hawaii. If they have them there.)

Brandt wanted to see Kirk alone because she suspected Spock was mind-controlling him. Spock wouldn't allow it. He was very hostile and aggressive all thru this dream so the mind-control was definitely a possibility.

Meanwhile everyone else was shopping in the aisles but only one crewwoman had a shopping cart so they kept bringing merchandise to her. She was going to use her employee discount.

In the mean time, Spock had grabbed Brandt with mind-control and told her to pick her favorite memory with Kirk and he'd let her relive it in her mind. At this point, I became Brandt and there couldn't have been a better time to do it! Her favorite memory was doing this strange dance with Kirk where you held your partner real close and every now and then, you had to make clicking noises. I can't described how SEXY it was when Kirk clicked. I could feel his hard-on pressing against me and his chest against my tits. Then it turned into fucking on top of the shelves in Aisle 1.

I woke up positively suffused with sexual good feelings.