Monday, March 30, 2009

Lene's Dream of March 29

I was staying in a hotel for a business trip and it turned out that there was a Star Trek convention in the hotel, too - but it was only for lesbians. I went downstairs to look around and to see if they would let me in anyway. Bill was supposed to be there! I was very excited about this and tried to find a phone to call JK, but the only phone was on the registration table for the con. It was a really big, black, old style phone from the 1920s - but it was free. I sat on the floor to call JK but just as I dialed the number, Bill came rushing in, needing to use the phone, so of course I had to hand it over to him. He was surrounded by his handlers, so I didn't get to talk to him, but I did drop the phone directly into his hand (and our hands brushed against each other).

Oh, and I was wearing my (completely not sexy) pajamas the entire time.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Kitty's dream of St. Paddy's Day

This was a very long, very involved dream that included losing my virginity to Cary Grant on a bus but I'll spare you all the non-celebrity stuff.

I was channel-surfing and became interested in a movie about post-WW II England. Bill was playing the son of a rich Canadian family who had flown for the RAF. He stayed in England after the war. He became involved with the labor movement. The final scene was a huge cheering crowd surrounding a boxing ring. Bill was alone in the ring, making a big speech, shirtless and wearing a kilt. The camera panned up and out. The end.

I desperately wanted to see the title of the movie but as usual in dreams, I couldn't make it out.

Also in this dream, Lene and I realized that if we wrote a phony academic book about fanfic, we could include our stories in it as examples. We got a Texas high school to buy into the idea.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Kitty's Dream of March 14, 2009

I was the guest on William Shatner's Raw Nerve. Bill asked me why I hate Alice in Wonderland so much. I explained that I've never been able to stand the chaos, the lack of coherence and order. He asked me how I felt about Catch-22. I said I was fine with that because it was consistent within is own world and actually made sense in the end. We had quite a literary discussion.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Kitty's dream of March 3, 2009

Make sense of this, if you can.

I was taking a piano lesson with my college piano professor when he and another professor threw their coats over my head and hustled me out of the building. I said, "Oh no! Not another SAI kidnapping!" (SAI was the music sorority I was in in college and they don't do kidnappings.) They asked me, "How old are you?" and I wasn't sure if they meant how old am I now or how old was I in college. Eventually they took me a house where I was the person being surprised on a show kind of like "This Is Your Life" but it had to do with how charming you are. (FYI, I am not charming at all.) It was hosted by Shirley MacLaine. My college roommates were there (who know exactly how uncharming I am). Apparently they had nominated me and were prompting me to share my "charming" memories with Shirley. A wedding party came through that featured an elderly topless bride who just wanted to say hello and in the hubbub, I saw William Shatner outside and realized he was my surprise guest. After things settled down, the room got dark and Shirley said, "Is everyone ready to go on?" and by the Bill was in the room and he said, "I'm ready." No mistaking that voice! I went over to where he was sitting in this cushy chair with his feet up on an ottoman. He had on gym socks. I started rubbing his feet and telling him I have a thing for feet. He got embarrassed! Yes, Bill! Then Jason Alexander got in the chair with him. I said, "I'll stop rubbing your feet if you'll get Costanza out of there." Exit JA, entrez moi.