Friday, January 16, 2009

Long Time No Dream - Kitty, Jan 16, 2009

But what a doozy!

Lene and I were at Shatner Weekend. We were all sitting on the floor at Bill's house going through our stuff. A little bit away, I saw Iddy and Francine. Iddy had a picture of young Bill, stark naked (full frontal) except for a pair of black thigh-high boots. Naturally, I went to talk to her about it.

I think I blacked out.

Then they were showing a movie I'd already seen so I went to the kitchen so do some work. I was sitting at the kitchen table with my laptop when I heard all this noise. I went to the stairs and Bill was sitting near the bottom talking to all the Shatner Weekend fans. I went down the stairs as quietly as I could but when I got near him, he looked up and said "Well, hello" as if he knew me. (He looked about 20 years younger than he does now.) I instantly thought "Of course he remembers me" so I kissed him. It turned into a very long, deep, tongue-included kiss.

This dream was worth waiting for.