Thursday, September 3, 2009

Lene's dream of Sept 2

Ok, I don't know why I had this dream. I think it was a combination of taking Fiorinal with codeine for my headache before I went to bed, and spending too much time looking at the pictures on Shatner's Toupee. Anyway...

I dreamed that I was looking through old magazines that had pictures of Bill. There will also clippings, like someone had cut articles out of newspapers and magazines years ago - they were all on b&w newsprint, kind of faded and tattered. Suddenly I found a set that seemed to be from a stage play - Bill was in the same clothes he had on in "Bread & Circuses" (the grey sweatshirt combo) and he looked as he did in his Kirk days. As I flipped through the pictures it became obvious that it was no ordinary play because Bill started stripping, but only from the waist down! Then it turned into weird porno shoot where Bill, Leonard and Dee ALL had their pants down and showed off their hard-ons. It wasn't particularly gay - they weren't fucking each other - but there were many pictures of cocks side by side. Bill, of course did the most showing off and had the most pictures. (His hard-on looked very nice indeed.)

The whole time I was looking at these pictures (and going "OMFG!!!") I was thinking that I HAD to show these to Kitty, and that she'd be so happy.

The the alarm went off.