Friday, November 28, 2008

Kitty's Dream of November 27, 2008

They were filming the last episode of Boston Legal and I was playing a secretary. I had been playing this role since the first episode but I don't think I ever had any lines. I sat outside Denny's office next to a woman I used to work with. Michael Scott (from "The Office") worked there too but he was getting laid off. He showed me these folders, one for each employee, listing special tasks. Mine had something to do with Vista. HA! Not me.

I ended up having sex with Alan Shore up against the wall in his office. Denny came in and pushed him away so he could finish me off.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Francine's Dream of 11/24/2008

I dreamt I bought a house across from the Nimoy’s in the hills but didn’t know we were neighbors until Bill hopped out of his Mercedes convertible and rang the bell at their gate. I was working under my 1970 Volvo 1800-E—one of those little sports coupes—but slid out when he drove up. He’d done something to his engine and it rumbled loud enough to rattle the loose chrome on my car.

I stood, wiped my hands on a rag and watched him. He had his TMP hair but his Search for Spock body and he wore brown cords with no belt and a black tee shirt that was loose at the waist but stretched across his chest.

He was also wearing Tevas, but what’re you going to do?

He glanced back at me then did a double-take. I could see his eyes beneath his lashes travel over my bare arms and legs. The Beach Boys sang “Help me, Rhonda” on his radio. He grinned. I nodded at his Mercedes. He said something I couldn’t hear. He reached in his car and turned off the ignition.

Leonard came down his driveway and opened the gate. This was Leonard circa 1967, still slender but getting soft from not having to do night work, starting to drink too much and unhappy with his life. His Spock haircut had grown down to his eyebrows and his hair was full and parted in the breeze without all the pomade. It was a warm evening but he wore a dark v-neck sweater, black slacks and square-toed shoes. I could see the woman who is his wife now watching from a window, drinking a glass of wine. She squinted at Bill, then at me and turned away.

I leaned a hip against my car. Leonard lit a cigarette. Bill plucked it from his lips and took a drag. He handed it back and they both started across the street. I laughed and motioned toward the engine block hanging from a hoist over my Volvo. Leonard and I steadied the block while Bill cranked the winch. He kept up a steady stream of chatter filled with really bad puns and chuckled at his own jokes while he checked out my ass. Leonard studied me quietly.

We bolted in the engine block, moving around the car, brushing against each other, fronts to backs, backs to fronts. Bill pressed against me briefly, gently, letting me feel his erection. Leonard breathed warmly on the back of my neck and softly stroked a thumb across my nipple reaching around me for a wrench. I could smell Old Spice and Right Guard and Prell, engine grease and the tobacco from the pack of cigarettes in Leonard’s pocket. They circled me, switching places. My dogs started barking in the house. Bill slid his hands up my ribs and squeezed my breasts. Leonard lifted my chin with a knuckle and kissed me deeply and for a long time.

Then my dogs woke me up barking at a catfight in the street. Miserable mutts.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Kitty's Dream of 11/22/08

I had to do an hour-long presentation about William Shatner's charity work for a physics class. I was 20 minutes late because I was still getting photos together. I figured it didn't matter; there were only 11 people in the class. When I got there, the room was packed with people. All I did was show pictures of Bill, nothing about his charities. It was huge hit so we all went across the hall to crash a wedding reception. Great food.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Kitty's Dream of 11/18/07

This is my first Kirk dream in a long time and it's spectacularly bizarre. All dancing, all clicking... Well, you'll see.

The local Long's drugstore had become the Enterprise. It was the end of the 5YM and Kirk was sick of injured. McCoy was keeping him in sick bay (the pharmacy). Everyone else was doing their regular stuff in the aisles as they approached Earth. When they got there, Brandt (my OFC) came aboard wanting to see Kirk but Spock wouldn't let her because ... HE AND KIRK HAD MIND-MELDED AND WERE NOW LOVERS! That's right, K/S all the way.

(BTW,when they arrived on Earth they were in Hawaii so this was now the Longs Drugstore in Hawaii. If they have them there.)

Brandt wanted to see Kirk alone because she suspected Spock was mind-controlling him. Spock wouldn't allow it. He was very hostile and aggressive all thru this dream so the mind-control was definitely a possibility.

Meanwhile everyone else was shopping in the aisles but only one crewwoman had a shopping cart so they kept bringing merchandise to her. She was going to use her employee discount.

In the mean time, Spock had grabbed Brandt with mind-control and told her to pick her favorite memory with Kirk and he'd let her relive it in her mind. At this point, I became Brandt and there couldn't have been a better time to do it! Her favorite memory was doing this strange dance with Kirk where you held your partner real close and every now and then, you had to make clicking noises. I can't described how SEXY it was when Kirk clicked. I could feel his hard-on pressing against me and his chest against my tits. Then it turned into fucking on top of the shelves in Aisle 1.

I woke up positively suffused with sexual good feelings.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Kitty's Dream of September 30, 2008

What's worse than getting underwear for Christmas?

Getting underwear for your Shatner dream.

I dreamed Bill and I were shopping for underwear for me. Not lingerie, not delicates, not sexy Victoria's Secret/Frederick of Hollywood pussyphernalia. Underwear. Like cotton 6-in-a-pack Hanes with comfort waistband.

Bill liked the ones with ladybugs.

Sigh. A new low in Shatner dreams.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Kitty's dream of 9/13/08

They were doing a TV Special called Battle of the Starship Captains. In the night previous, Picard had battled someone I'd never of. This night, Kirk (with his sidekick Spock) were battling someone else I'd never heard. My mother and I were there for the filming. Although still old, Bill was trim and fit. My mother was giving me a lecture on being "a good girl." I blew her off with some lie.

After the filming there was a party. Leonard also looked very fit so he and Bill were comparing who'd lost the most weight. (Bill, obviously.)

Bill pressed me up against a wall and invited me to come to L.A. the next day. As he was saying it, I could feel him getting hard. I was trying to figure out if I could reschedule an important audition I had but he thought I was hesitating so he said, "I'll pay for everything. No hanky-panky." He said this with a straight face while his hard-on was smashed up against me. But he did kind of mumble "hanky-panky." I told him no, I had a big audition I couldn't miss. So then he invited me for Thursday which, of course, I accepted.

As Mom and I were leaving the party, she said, "He's still sexy."


Saturday, September 6, 2008

Kitty's dream of 9/5/08

Some big-head aliens (looked like the Vians) helped Kirk see into the future about 150 years where there was an orchestra playing the Captain Kirk Suite. So Kirk would know his legend lives on.

Damn decent of those aliens.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Iddy's Dream from mid-May 2008

Okay, I finally get my OWN William Shatner dream and don’t just guest star in someone else’s…

The dream appears to take place during William Shatner Weekend (WSW) but the atmosphere is more casual and intimate than the two real-life weekends I’ve attended. During the dream WSW is actually the culmination of a whole week of events celebrating Bill’s birthday. His whole family is involved and we WSW’ers are allowed to comingle in their presence at his house. If only!

It is during one of these chat fests, you know, the kind of family get togethers where the kids run amok and the parents just ignore them, when one of Bill’s grandsons comes to me and asks if I will help him make cookies for Grandpa...

Now, “ask” is being generous, he actually grabs me by the hand and yanks me away from a conversation with Elizabeth, demanding that I help him make cookies. (Does the child have a clue? Do I *look* like I know how to make a cookie?—No on both counts-- but this is a dream, remember?) He’s about four or five years old, so I pretend to be a grown up and excuse myself from the adults.

Sitting in Bill’s kitchen, we diligently look through two cookbooks before deciding to make some sort of gooey granola thumbprint cookies with cherry jam in their centers. And no, I have never made these cookies before-- nor would I even like them--both detesting granola and any sort of gooey jam. However, I am worried about when Grandpa will be around looking for said cookies, so we try to get our act together but mostly just make a mess in the kitchen. After many tries and some serious looks of disgust from the boy, I finally produce a batch of decent cookies.

He soon marches off into another room that looks suspiciously like the banquet hall at the Burbank Equestrian Center—I think to complain to mama (and no, I have no idea who he belongs to) that I am pretty dismal in the kitchen. There is a ruckus going on in the room between Bill’s daughters and one of the WSW’ers. I step back, refusing to be a part of the argument but Elizabeth steps in, scolding them for their behavior and telling them they’ve never worked a day in their lives. The daughters are all doughty, not still youthful and beautiful like Elizabeth.

I must have made points for not getting into the fray and helping bake the cookies, because as my reward I get to sit at Bill’s knee in front of his fireplace and be a part of an intimate conversation between him and several other people! My arm is draped casually across his lap and he seems quite content for it to be there. The lights are low, with only the firelight illuminating our faces. Of course Bill is gorgeous, his eyes gleaming in the fire’s glow as he tells one story after another. We chat until the wee hours but I remember none of the conversation.

Upon reflection I’ve decided I must have been channeling a real desire of Bill’s for these despicable cookies. If so, I could learn to bake—couldn’t I??

Kitty's dream of 9/1/2008

This dream was about teenage Kirk. His mother was nuts. She kept calling him William Shatner. He had lots of brothers and sisters. In the dream, he had broken his leg playing some sport. It wouldn't heal properly so he was laid up for a long time. Having nothing else to do, he got way ahead on schoolwork. When he was finally able to go back to school, he was so far ahead of the other kids that he only had to take one class to graduate and that's how he got into Starfleet Academy so young.

On the day he went back to school, it was Dress Weird Day. His dad yelled at him for dressing normally and made him tie his sweater around his waist upside down and inside out. His mother was still calling him William Shatner.

I bet he was really really glad to go to Starfleet Academy even if he did have to put up with Finnegan.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Greg's dream of 8/2/08

My parents had recently bought and refurbished a grand old town house into some kind of opulent Moroccan dream fantasy. Truly amazing with huge marble columns, internal courtyards and sweeping stairs. And servants, lots of servants. I was inspecting my wing of the house (sure, I’d move back in with the parents – if they had a house like this) while the housewarming party was underway. Maybe guests had been invited and I enjoyed watching the comings and goings from secret doors hidden behind damask curtains. G. Bush arrived, along with a security entourage of 100s but left after several minutes to a chorus of “fuck off Bush!”. Arnie tried to quell the chanting but to no avail. Thankfully I then came across one particular glass roofed courtyard. It contained an indoor swimming pool much like a roman bathhouse and to my surprise and delight Bill, drink in hand. He stood at the top of a Chinese bridge which spanned the pool. After all the hubbub of the party it felt like I had reached the centre of the labyrinth. We sat on stone benches and he talked about the portrayal of classical music in early cinema. Or something like that - it was hard to follow as he was going off on many tangents. But the important thing was that I was chatting with Bill as he sat at the top of a Chinese stone bridge above an indoor swimming pool in a glass roofed roman bathhouse.

Lene's Dream of 8/21/08

I was in Germany for some kind of work thing, which also coincided with a Shatner weekend. Bill was really busy and we didn't get to see him at all! Suddenly it was the last day, and I realized I hadn't packed and had no way to get to the airport, so I panicked and rushed back to the hotel. (For some reason, I was wearing a long slinky red dress, the kind lounge singers wear, and long red elbow gloves.) James Spader was there (about 25 lbs lighter than he is now...) and said I shouldn't worry, he'd get me another flight out, and that we should just hang out for the day. He obviously had the hots for me. We walked around this little German village and he showed me where Bill was staying. It was a little cottage in this green glade, rather magical looking; it had a big front window and inside we could see Bill, Elizabeth, one of his daughters, and his manager, all of them on different phones talking at the same time. (It looked like a telethon!) Spader said Bill might be free later but we should just leave him to deal with his business, cos he's such a busy guy.

Then we went back to the hotel and had sex - me and Spader, I mean, not me and Bill. It was really good anyway.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Jess's Dream (date uncertain)

There was a long, involved adventure plot, involving rescuing Scotchy from captivity under a building which he and many others were making rotate by working on an enormous capstan-like machine.

However, at one stage I followed Kirk, in his series gold shirted uniform, into a Rec Room which bore a startling resemblance to a 50s diner, past two yeowomen who were obviously no better that they should to be, perched on those counterside stools.

"He's dreamy," says first yeowoman
"Yes," says second yeowoman. "And hung like a bear too."


Saturday, July 26, 2008

JK's First Shatner Dream in Weeks! (7/25/08)

Instead of doing the planned 13-episode arc of Boston Legal, they did a movie. I went to see it on a flatscreen TV that I stood near. The movie made no sense at all and the production quality was very poor. Suddenly I was in the movie with Bill which naturally made it a lot better. We kept abandoning the plot (such as it was) to have sex.

Yay, asthma medication!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Kitty's Dream of July 3, 2008

I was a student at Starfleet Academy with Kirk and Mitchell. We went out partying with some other cadets on a rainy night and ended up stranded. I had sex with both of them and was chosen to go on to some advanced program. Not sure if that was a result of the sex (which was wonderful) but it was gosh-durn nice of the Academy.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Kitty's Dream of 7/1

In the middle of very complex dream, William Shatner and I were watching a rough cut of new episode of TOS that featured some very hot sex. Bill said, "They'll never allow that."

Wildcat's Dream of 6/24

You (Kitty) were in one of my dreams last night! It wasn't anything exciting, and it was actually kind of puzzling. You had a big stack of magazine covers such as TV Guide with pictures of Kirk on them, and we were spraying them with spray starch and putting them through an old-fashioned wringer (those rollers on top of old wash tubs), and they were coming out looking like they were brand new. I thought one of them could look even better, so I put it through again and ruined it. You also had a box of old Little League magazines, and I was excited to see a girl I knew featured on the cover of the one on top.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Francine's Dream of 5/31/08

I’m interviewing Bill and Leonard at a convention. I’m sitting between them on a bench pushed against the wall and we are shielded from the crowd by several of those white reflective photographer’s umbrellas. Even though we just met, they treat me like we’ve known each other for years. I lean back and Leonard puts his arms around me. Bill and I are laughing as he tells me a long-winded story and for some reason, he puts my feet in his lap. His hands are warm on my ankles. Leonard holds me tighter and lays his cheek against my neck. His cheek is scratchy and his breath smells sweet, like pineapple juice and breast milk. Bill tells a joke and we all laugh. Leonard says, “Thank you, Billy. I love you, my friend.” Bill smiles shyly and looks down. His eyelashes are still long.

Then I shake myself awake because this is heaven and I want to make sure I haven’t died in my sleep!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Denny Crane's dream of 5/21

On the season finale of Boston Legal, Denny Crane (William Shatner) told Shirley Schmidt (Candace Bergen) that he had a dream in which they were making wild, passionate love in a pool. She screamed so loudly that the police came. When the cops saw them, they said, "Oh, it's just Crane, pool and Schmidt."

Monday, May 19, 2008

Kitty's Dream of 5/18

Crane, Poole & Schmidt had a new personnel director who made the place a lot more fun. Even sillier than it already is. All the CP&S people were watching some movie (probably Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade because I had just watched it on a plane) and then they started pairing up for sex. The personnel director was very happy with this and soon someone realized they could do threesomes or even moresomes. Everyone was very happy with this.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Lene's dream of 5/1

This dream came out of nowhere, and was in the middle of a sequence of really vivid dreams.

JK and I were at some kind of con with all our Trek friends. I don't remember how it happened, but Bill walked into our hotel room! (It was the Bill of today, although he looked really good.) He was funny and charming as hell. We talked with him for a while and suddenly it became very clear that he wanted to sleep with us! He took off his pants (he was sort of dressed like Denny Crane) but kept his shirt on so you couldn't really see his dick. He sat down in a recliner chair and took turns hugging and kissing me and JK. Then JK decided to blow him and I was kissing his hand. (Note: it got pretty sexually graphic at this part and I'm not going to detail it.)

Then our friends starting knocking at the door, demanding to be let in, because there was something really important going on! And we did! What the fuck? We got interrupted while we were double-teaming BILL! I was so angry. Bill seemed pretty casual about it, like this happened all the time, but that we'd pick it up again later. As part of the "something important" going on, I had to fix a security system for a door, which Bill helped me with, in a very Kirk-like fashion.

Then it turned in a different, long, non-sexual dream about Monty Python (hanging out with them, as opposed to being in the show).

I wish our friends hadn't shown up in my dream.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Kitty's Dream of April 27

To make up for the previous night's almost total lack of William Shatner, last night's dream was all Trek, all the time.

I was in The Wrath of Khan, although the plot had nothing to do with Khan or the wrath thereof. I came onboard Kirk's Enterprise, along with Picard and Riker. Kirk was really glad to see me and immediately stopped paying attention to all the other women who were hot for him, including Lori Ciani (back from the dead, apparently). She was pissed off, as was an Anonymous Yeoman who had dyed her hair blond in attempt to attract Kirk. They came to Kirk's quarters (which resembled a very classy college dorm room, if you can imagine such a thing) but Kirk came in and threw them out before we could really get into it. Then he seduced me. I was playing hard-to-get. This is how we know it was a dream.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

1000th Years from Now

This is just barely a Shatner dream but here goes.

Someone had figured out how to stop the aging process so people live to 1000 years or older. (Unfortunately, the process didn't work on people who were already older than about 60 so they still kicked around 80 or so.) So Lene and I were 1000 years old and had become a lesbian couple with a bunch of kids. Two 2000-year-old women from the future showed up and told us a bunch of stuff I don't remember. Lene and I were still doing our podcast, "Look At His Butt," and as a surprise for our brazillionth show, I was going to reveal to Lene that WILLIAM SHATNER was the only person older than 60 who was still alive!!! (Because, after all, he's Bill. And he was still working. So he can't die.)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Kitty's Dream on the Eve of Earth Day

Not that Earth Day has anything to do with it.

I was watching the new Star Trek movie with all my Trek friends. I was simultaneously in the movie some of the time. Lots of weird, non-Trek (more like bad fantasy) stuff went on with constant peril! There was a strange sequence in which most of the Trek characters were in Santa suits. Kirk, Spock and one other were up on a platform. There was a kiddie pool below it and the kiddies were catapulted up onto one of the Santa's laps. My friends and I got in the pool. (Francine, I'm sure you were catapulted to Spock's lap and he wasn't in the rest of the the dream so you can take it from there.) Then there was more peril involving a play rehearsal, a kitchen that needed to be cleaned up and costumes. Somehow the movie ended but it was a false ending, a fact that only William Shatner and I were aware of. Everyone else left the theatre. Bill and I continued to the real ending. All the people from the false ending turned out to be some kind of avatars and they were SHREDDED! Bill and I stepped through the shreds and ended up in a place where the people controlling the avatars were torturing people. Suddenly, there was an announcement (in the movie!) about a "surprise appearance by a pregnant Suzanne Brandt!" I was shocked--SHOCKED!!! She was put in a bathtub and "tortured" with a bunch of those little ISB diskkeys. We rescued her and then the movie really ended. I was sort of sucked out of the movie and into the theatre. Then the theatre starting rushing by (giving me this weird sensation kind of like when you get up too fast and your head spins). The lobby went by and then finally I was outside, slowed down and stopped. I had 2 thoughts: "The best thing about that movie was this weird head-rush special effect at the end" and "I'm suing those bastards!!!!" Wildcat kept trying to reassure me that it was wonderful that Brandt is so well-known in fandom that she can appear in a movie without explanation. I still wanted to sue the bastards.

The memory of the strange rush has stayed with me all day.

Happy Earth Day.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Kitty's Dream of March 25, 2008

Once again I was at a con with a bunch of friends. (Hi, Lene! Hi, Iddy! Hi, Francine!) Bill and Leonard were there and again, it was all very small and intimate. They were selling home-made tchotkes (sp?) they'd made - not too bad but way over-priced. We all went to dinner together. Leonard and I had a long conversation about my mother. There was more but I've already forgotten it.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

JK's Dream of March 11, 2008

Bill had a "Judge Judy"-type TV show. It was called "The Case of William Shatner."

That is all.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

JK's Dream of March 7, 2008

Lene and I were doing Look At His Butt in Vegas in a small arena. There were a lot of typical dream side issues such as makeup and not being on time but in our first show, the audience started doing the chorus from "You Got Trouble" (from the Music Man). So they're going "trouble...trouble...trouble..." and Lene and I knew that if one of us the did Prof. Hill part everything would be OK but neither of us knew it! Suddenly we heard Robert Preston's voice doing and he came down the aisle and on to the stage and did the rest of the number! Everyone went nuts! Turns out he's a huge fan of LAHB!

Then in another show, Francine and Iddy were in the audience, as were William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy. We weren't exactly getting on with the show so Bill & Leonard took questions from the audience. We asked "Why didn't you ever say 'Don't be such a jerk, Mr. Sulu'?" Leonard said, "We did use that line but it was cut. I think it was in VI, wasn't it, Bill?" Bill agreed that it was in VI. Then Bill laid down on the floor and I spanked him. I told him, "Next time it's my turn."

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Francine's dream of Feb 25

I used to flash dance occasionally for a DJ friend back when I was a hot, broke coed--mostly in underground gay discos or opening for crappy new wave bands.

In the dream, we somehow got the gig for the “The Search for Spock” wrap party. The party’s in a vast soundstage with the set of Kirk’s apartment on one end.

I’m on this tall narrow platform, gyrating my hips real slow with hula hoops that are filled with a liquid that reacts to black light. I look out over the crowd and see Leonard Nimoy dancing with his wife. He looks miserable but he’s a good dancer. I try to get him to notice me but he’s too far away, it’s dark, the backdrop’s black, the platform’s black, I’m black and wearing a black bikini. All he could see was these two hoops going around and around in midair like a special effect.

But Bill sees me. He’s having an argument with Marcy but walks away from her while she’s still talking. He’s still wearing the white turtleneck and black pants from his costume. He stops and stands by my platform and watches me with his arms folded. Even though I’m up on the platform, he does that thing he does with his eyes when he’s about to kiss a woman. (That thing I still can’t describe but other women know what I mean.)

I grin. He grins.

“You look good,” I yell down.

“I don’t really start gaining weight until I’m in my late sixties,” he yells up.

“Fucking tabloids,” I say.

“And the costumes aren’t very flattering.”

I point to the crowd with my chin. “What’s with all the wives tonight?”

“She’s not very nice to me,” he said.

“What about Leonard?”

“You were born too late.”

All of the sudden, the guy who plays Dr. House comes in and starts yelling at me and waving his cane round and telling me that I’m not as smart as I think I am, but I can tell that he’s really attracted to me. I’m pissed because Leonard’s leaving and he looks like the saddest man in the world.

I wake up the next morning with a man sleeping with his head on my hip. I know we fucked because my hips are sore and I could feel what we used to call the morning-after “pussy buzz”. I’m stroking the skin below his ear and behind his jaw with my thumb. He has curly brownish hair and I can’t tell if it’s Bill or if it’s House.

Friday, February 15, 2008

JK's Dream of Feb 14, 2008

I had traveled down to L.A. where I stayed at a mega-huge hotel. I met William Shatner there at a restaurant and we were instantly attracted to each other. We started kissing and I came 5 times! Just from kissing!

Then we went to one of his houses but I had to leave before we could have sex. I had to get home for a day to do something I don't remember. I got home and got Lene and Wildcat involved in helping me keep this a secret from my husband and family.

When I got back to L.A., Bill had moved on to another woman. :-(

Sunday, February 3, 2008

JK's Dream of February 2, 2008

I was at a Star Trek convention with about a dozen of my Trekkie friends. In fact, we were the only ones there so there was no line at all to get autographs from Bill and Leonard. Bill kept running off to see what was going on at the other convention in the same building - something to do with Adobe software. Then there was a dinner with a lot of people. Bill and Leonard were seated on a dais. My friends and I were jammed in at a table right up front. Bill started singing "The Impossible Dream" and came over to me and started scratching my head. I closed my eyes in ecstacy but then I realized he was carrying a weasel or a ferret or something like that and I opened my eyes because I was afraid the ferret was scratching my head. He gave me the ferret even though I didn't want it and tried to give it back. Somehow it got flattened into a rug but it was still alive and now it was mad. I really wanted to get rid of it! Bill was on a tight schedule and left so there I was, holding a flat ferret.

I woke up thinking of Connie Willis's truly creepy story "All My Darling Daughters."

All in all, not a fun dream.

Friday, February 1, 2008

JK's Dream of Jan 31

Boston Legal was real and I was part of it. We were all going to San Francisco to do a play. It was quite an ordeal getting there and in the mean time, Denny (William Shatner) was cuddling with lots of women but always coming to me for more kissin' and stuff. A very happy, warm dream.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Frokitt's Dream after watching Wrath of Khan and talking to Iddy

(Webmistress's note: Keep a fire extinguisher handy. This one is hot hot hot!)

I'm sitting on the edge of a bed pulling on the cowboy boots that I used to wear with everything back in the early 80's. I realized that my whole outfit's kinda cute--short white prairie skirt, wide red patent leather belt, brown tube top and a lime green grandpa cardigan--and I think, "That's so 2008, Urban Outfitters, trailer trash chic and I used to dress like that when I was an undergrad at Cal State Long Beach in 1982".


I look back, and Bill's laying on the bed, naked, watching me get dressed. He is solidly into middle age, just starting to get thick around the waist but still fit and lushly muscular. He'd seemed embarrassed about how hairy his body was until I told him that I liked it and that it reminded me that I was making love to a man and not a boy. I'd also made him take off the ridiculous toupee and was surprised to see that he wasn't bald, but that his hair grew in short wisps on the top of his head. I didn't tell him that he looked better without it. The only thing about his body he seemed proud of was his dick. And rightly so.

He smiled at me and I rolled my eyes.

"What?" he laughed.

"I told, you man. We're only doing this once," I said.

"I heard you the first time."

"Don't be calling me all the time, trippin' and shit."

"I won't."

"And don't tell Leonard. We kind of have a thing."

"I know."

"Just, you know."

"I'm going to leave my wife," he said.

"Women leave you, honey," I said.

Monday, January 21, 2008

JK's Dream of Jan 20, 2007

Star Trek had been brought back and it was in its 3rd season. Everyone was still young. There was a closeup of Kirk's face that panned down as he turned so then there was a lingering closeup of his butt. It was awesome. He was wearing jeans. My mother was watching with me and even she was impressed. I can't remember anything about the episode except it was dreadful. I knew Lene hadn't seen it yet so I planned to tell her about the great butt shot but also that the new series had now done their "Spock's Brain." Yay for the butt shot!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

JK's Dream of Jan 12, 2008

Bill had to do an interview he didn't want to do so he was banging his head against the wall saying, "No! No! No!" Then he did the interview and ended up having a real good time.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Jenn's dream of Jan 3, 2008

Okay so I was dreaming about something unrelated and totally forgotten now and the scene morphed into the corridor of the Enterprise. I was Spock's mom for some reason (The TOS ver of her) and Captain Kirk comes up behind me. Of course, I can't resist his charm and hotness and damm he looked good and I felt nice and horny. I ask you this, who would want Sarek when you can have Captain Kirk? So he leads me off to secret hideaway. I don't ask where, in fact we don't talk at all. It's like I am being gently pulled by some hidden power within him (aka his charm and hotness).

We round the corner and BOOM!!! I become someone else (not uncommon in my dreams but really annoying at that second). Now I am some miscellaneous redshirt standing in that corridor where she and Kirk were. Of course, I don't move like a dumb idiot, I just stare at boring wall. While I am sitting there staring at that wonderful wall, all the fun starts happening! I can hear every gasp, every moan, every SCREAM!!! But am I actually the one he is making love to? No, it's someone else. AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

Thankfully, I woke up shortly after that.