Friday, January 4, 2008

Jenn's dream of Jan 3, 2008

Okay so I was dreaming about something unrelated and totally forgotten now and the scene morphed into the corridor of the Enterprise. I was Spock's mom for some reason (The TOS ver of her) and Captain Kirk comes up behind me. Of course, I can't resist his charm and hotness and damm he looked good and I felt nice and horny. I ask you this, who would want Sarek when you can have Captain Kirk? So he leads me off to secret hideaway. I don't ask where, in fact we don't talk at all. It's like I am being gently pulled by some hidden power within him (aka his charm and hotness).

We round the corner and BOOM!!! I become someone else (not uncommon in my dreams but really annoying at that second). Now I am some miscellaneous redshirt standing in that corridor where she and Kirk were. Of course, I don't move like a dumb idiot, I just stare at boring wall. While I am sitting there staring at that wonderful wall, all the fun starts happening! I can hear every gasp, every moan, every SCREAM!!! But am I actually the one he is making love to? No, it's someone else. AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

Thankfully, I woke up shortly after that.

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