Monday, August 25, 2008

Greg's dream of 8/2/08

My parents had recently bought and refurbished a grand old town house into some kind of opulent Moroccan dream fantasy. Truly amazing with huge marble columns, internal courtyards and sweeping stairs. And servants, lots of servants. I was inspecting my wing of the house (sure, I’d move back in with the parents – if they had a house like this) while the housewarming party was underway. Maybe guests had been invited and I enjoyed watching the comings and goings from secret doors hidden behind damask curtains. G. Bush arrived, along with a security entourage of 100s but left after several minutes to a chorus of “fuck off Bush!”. Arnie tried to quell the chanting but to no avail. Thankfully I then came across one particular glass roofed courtyard. It contained an indoor swimming pool much like a roman bathhouse and to my surprise and delight Bill, drink in hand. He stood at the top of a Chinese bridge which spanned the pool. After all the hubbub of the party it felt like I had reached the centre of the labyrinth. We sat on stone benches and he talked about the portrayal of classical music in early cinema. Or something like that - it was hard to follow as he was going off on many tangents. But the important thing was that I was chatting with Bill as he sat at the top of a Chinese stone bridge above an indoor swimming pool in a glass roofed roman bathhouse.

Lene's Dream of 8/21/08

I was in Germany for some kind of work thing, which also coincided with a Shatner weekend. Bill was really busy and we didn't get to see him at all! Suddenly it was the last day, and I realized I hadn't packed and had no way to get to the airport, so I panicked and rushed back to the hotel. (For some reason, I was wearing a long slinky red dress, the kind lounge singers wear, and long red elbow gloves.) James Spader was there (about 25 lbs lighter than he is now...) and said I shouldn't worry, he'd get me another flight out, and that we should just hang out for the day. He obviously had the hots for me. We walked around this little German village and he showed me where Bill was staying. It was a little cottage in this green glade, rather magical looking; it had a big front window and inside we could see Bill, Elizabeth, one of his daughters, and his manager, all of them on different phones talking at the same time. (It looked like a telethon!) Spader said Bill might be free later but we should just leave him to deal with his business, cos he's such a busy guy.

Then we went back to the hotel and had sex - me and Spader, I mean, not me and Bill. It was really good anyway.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Jess's Dream (date uncertain)

There was a long, involved adventure plot, involving rescuing Scotchy from captivity under a building which he and many others were making rotate by working on an enormous capstan-like machine.

However, at one stage I followed Kirk, in his series gold shirted uniform, into a Rec Room which bore a startling resemblance to a 50s diner, past two yeowomen who were obviously no better that they should to be, perched on those counterside stools.

"He's dreamy," says first yeowoman
"Yes," says second yeowoman. "And hung like a bear too."