Tuesday, October 30, 2007

JK's dream of Oct. 29

This was a very busy dream involving my family, kids being the wrong ages and dogs who could talk. But finally everyone settled down to watch "Boston Legal." In this episode, Alan, Denny and some other guy sang.

If you think Shatner's singing is bad, you should hear Spader.

JK's dream of Oct 28, 2007

Setting: The set of a new Trek series which is simultaneously the Enterprise for real

I was on the escalator-type thing with Rand. She was jealous and crying because I AM KIRK'S LOVER!!! I was paged to the bridge so I sent her to her quarters and went to Level 2. (There were several stops and other people, all reminiscent of a recurring dream I have about an elevator.) Anyway, Level 2 had this huge curving walkway that looked in on different sets where they were filming lots of Trek stuff. I'm pretty sure there was a Next Gen episode being filmed. Also something where Riker had a ship and his first officer was a Gorn. I briefly woke up giggling over the idea of a first officer making those "old man throat-clearing" noises. Back to sleep.

The captain's chair was a tall skinny chair - very modern, like a stool you'd find in an ultra-trendy bar. When Riker wanted to talk to the helmsman, the chair zipped over there like a Segway. There was a grid-pattern on the floor, I thought for the chairs but Riker didn't stick to it so I don't know what the hell it was for.

Finally got to the bridge where I was supposed to be and Sulu was in charge. It wasn't the TOS bridge but I was standing where the turbolift would be. There were stations on both sides, very close together. I looked to my left and there was Bill. He looked up and winked at me. That's when I knew he was just being an extra to help out. Later I thought it was a training exercise for Sulu.

Not sure what happened but eventually Captain Kirk and I left the bridge together.

Happy sigh.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Francine's dream - 10/14

I had this dream last week that I was married to Daniel Craig.

That's not the best part.

We were traveling somewhere in one of the fancy little private jets and who's on the plane with us?


Next thing I know, Bill and I are playing poker with Kate Mulgrew and George Clooney and totally kicking their asses.

Me and Bill are all laughing and shit every time one of us wins and then we drive everybody crazy by trading our favorite quotes form the movie "Stripes".

I'm all like:

"Lee Harvey! You are a maaad man!"

"My name is Francis Soyer. But everybody calls me Psycho. Any of you guys call me Francis...and I'll kill ya."

Then Bill jumps in:

"Also, I don't like nobody touching me. Any of you homos touch me...and I'll kill ya." (points to George Clooney)

It was great!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

JK's dream of Oct 11, 2007

A. and I were living in L.A. and I ran into one of my old acting buddies at a pet hospital that was as bigger and shiny as a people hospital. Patrick Stewart was our houseguest (turns out he's gay, did you know?) and he and A. became good friends. At one point, they went ice skating together. Anyway, at something that was either a fancy party or a convention (and I was wearing an incredibly sexy beige lace thing that made me look naked), Bill was there! He and I were flirting our heads off but there were other people in the way. Later his assistant came up to me to give me Bill's phone number. Turns out celebrities get special *8-digit* phone numbers! Then A. and I went home and he was really mad that I was flirting with Bill. (This is so un-A.) Patrick Stewart came in during this with a brown toupee on - looked awful. Also in the middle of this, Bill called to set up a date that minute. I told him I couldn't leave. Then A., Patrick and I were watching a movie about a woman (me) who was trying to hook up with William Shatner without letting him know that she's a drooling fangirl. I ended up working in the same office as one of his daughters (who was quite evil) and she was determined not to let this woman get to her father. She didn't know who it was but she had narrowed it down to 3 candidates - one of them me! Luckily I was working under an assumed name but she suspected me and started going through my purse.

Here's the best part: BILL CAME IN AND RESCUED ME!

Then the stupid alarm went off.