Tuesday, October 30, 2007

JK's dream of Oct 28, 2007

Setting: The set of a new Trek series which is simultaneously the Enterprise for real

I was on the escalator-type thing with Rand. She was jealous and crying because I AM KIRK'S LOVER!!! I was paged to the bridge so I sent her to her quarters and went to Level 2. (There were several stops and other people, all reminiscent of a recurring dream I have about an elevator.) Anyway, Level 2 had this huge curving walkway that looked in on different sets where they were filming lots of Trek stuff. I'm pretty sure there was a Next Gen episode being filmed. Also something where Riker had a ship and his first officer was a Gorn. I briefly woke up giggling over the idea of a first officer making those "old man throat-clearing" noises. Back to sleep.

The captain's chair was a tall skinny chair - very modern, like a stool you'd find in an ultra-trendy bar. When Riker wanted to talk to the helmsman, the chair zipped over there like a Segway. There was a grid-pattern on the floor, I thought for the chairs but Riker didn't stick to it so I don't know what the hell it was for.

Finally got to the bridge where I was supposed to be and Sulu was in charge. It wasn't the TOS bridge but I was standing where the turbolift would be. There were stations on both sides, very close together. I looked to my left and there was Bill. He looked up and winked at me. That's when I knew he was just being an extra to help out. Later I thought it was a training exercise for Sulu.

Not sure what happened but eventually Captain Kirk and I left the bridge together.

Happy sigh.

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