Sunday, April 27, 2008

1000th Years from Now

This is just barely a Shatner dream but here goes.

Someone had figured out how to stop the aging process so people live to 1000 years or older. (Unfortunately, the process didn't work on people who were already older than about 60 so they still kicked around 80 or so.) So Lene and I were 1000 years old and had become a lesbian couple with a bunch of kids. Two 2000-year-old women from the future showed up and told us a bunch of stuff I don't remember. Lene and I were still doing our podcast, "Look At His Butt," and as a surprise for our brazillionth show, I was going to reveal to Lene that WILLIAM SHATNER was the only person older than 60 who was still alive!!! (Because, after all, he's Bill. And he was still working. So he can't die.)

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