Monday, April 28, 2008

Kitty's Dream of April 27

To make up for the previous night's almost total lack of William Shatner, last night's dream was all Trek, all the time.

I was in The Wrath of Khan, although the plot had nothing to do with Khan or the wrath thereof. I came onboard Kirk's Enterprise, along with Picard and Riker. Kirk was really glad to see me and immediately stopped paying attention to all the other women who were hot for him, including Lori Ciani (back from the dead, apparently). She was pissed off, as was an Anonymous Yeoman who had dyed her hair blond in attempt to attract Kirk. They came to Kirk's quarters (which resembled a very classy college dorm room, if you can imagine such a thing) but Kirk came in and threw them out before we could really get into it. Then he seduced me. I was playing hard-to-get. This is how we know it was a dream.

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