Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Kitty's Dream of March 25, 2008

Once again I was at a con with a bunch of friends. (Hi, Lene! Hi, Iddy! Hi, Francine!) Bill and Leonard were there and again, it was all very small and intimate. They were selling home-made tchotkes (sp?) they'd made - not too bad but way over-priced. We all went to dinner together. Leonard and I had a long conversation about my mother. There was more but I've already forgotten it.


girl6 said...

I really hope that the part you've forgotten is me having crazyhot sex with Leonard. Huh? Is it? Please?

JK and LT said...

Now that you mention it, right after we discussed my mother, he did say, "Excuse me, I have to go bonk someone."

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