Saturday, March 8, 2008

JK's Dream of March 7, 2008

Lene and I were doing Look At His Butt in Vegas in a small arena. There were a lot of typical dream side issues such as makeup and not being on time but in our first show, the audience started doing the chorus from "You Got Trouble" (from the Music Man). So they're going "trouble...trouble...trouble..." and Lene and I knew that if one of us the did Prof. Hill part everything would be OK but neither of us knew it! Suddenly we heard Robert Preston's voice doing and he came down the aisle and on to the stage and did the rest of the number! Everyone went nuts! Turns out he's a huge fan of LAHB!

Then in another show, Francine and Iddy were in the audience, as were William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy. We weren't exactly getting on with the show so Bill & Leonard took questions from the audience. We asked "Why didn't you ever say 'Don't be such a jerk, Mr. Sulu'?" Leonard said, "We did use that line but it was cut. I think it was in VI, wasn't it, Bill?" Bill agreed that it was in VI. Then Bill laid down on the floor and I spanked him. I told him, "Next time it's my turn."


girl6 said...

See?! Leonard won't even fuck me in *your* dreams! Damn him!

Iddy said...

Well, if I can't have my OWN WS dream, at least I can be featured in someone elses...~lol. Hmm, we'll say I was his *date* in this one, but I was nice enough to share his butt with you! ;-)