Sunday, September 14, 2008

Kitty's dream of 9/13/08

They were doing a TV Special called Battle of the Starship Captains. In the night previous, Picard had battled someone I'd never of. This night, Kirk (with his sidekick Spock) were battling someone else I'd never heard. My mother and I were there for the filming. Although still old, Bill was trim and fit. My mother was giving me a lecture on being "a good girl." I blew her off with some lie.

After the filming there was a party. Leonard also looked very fit so he and Bill were comparing who'd lost the most weight. (Bill, obviously.)

Bill pressed me up against a wall and invited me to come to L.A. the next day. As he was saying it, I could feel him getting hard. I was trying to figure out if I could reschedule an important audition I had but he thought I was hesitating so he said, "I'll pay for everything. No hanky-panky." He said this with a straight face while his hard-on was smashed up against me. But he did kind of mumble "hanky-panky." I told him no, I had a big audition I couldn't miss. So then he invited me for Thursday which, of course, I accepted.

As Mom and I were leaving the party, she said, "He's still sexy."


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