Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Kitty's Dream of 11/18/07

This is my first Kirk dream in a long time and it's spectacularly bizarre. All dancing, all clicking... Well, you'll see.

The local Long's drugstore had become the Enterprise. It was the end of the 5YM and Kirk was sick of injured. McCoy was keeping him in sick bay (the pharmacy). Everyone else was doing their regular stuff in the aisles as they approached Earth. When they got there, Brandt (my OFC) came aboard wanting to see Kirk but Spock wouldn't let her because ... HE AND KIRK HAD MIND-MELDED AND WERE NOW LOVERS! That's right, K/S all the way.

(BTW,when they arrived on Earth they were in Hawaii so this was now the Longs Drugstore in Hawaii. If they have them there.)

Brandt wanted to see Kirk alone because she suspected Spock was mind-controlling him. Spock wouldn't allow it. He was very hostile and aggressive all thru this dream so the mind-control was definitely a possibility.

Meanwhile everyone else was shopping in the aisles but only one crewwoman had a shopping cart so they kept bringing merchandise to her. She was going to use her employee discount.

In the mean time, Spock had grabbed Brandt with mind-control and told her to pick her favorite memory with Kirk and he'd let her relive it in her mind. At this point, I became Brandt and there couldn't have been a better time to do it! Her favorite memory was doing this strange dance with Kirk where you held your partner real close and every now and then, you had to make clicking noises. I can't described how SEXY it was when Kirk clicked. I could feel his hard-on pressing against me and his chest against my tits. Then it turned into fucking on top of the shelves in Aisle 1.

I woke up positively suffused with sexual good feelings.

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