Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Kitty's dream of St. Paddy's Day

This was a very long, very involved dream that included losing my virginity to Cary Grant on a bus but I'll spare you all the non-celebrity stuff.

I was channel-surfing and became interested in a movie about post-WW II England. Bill was playing the son of a rich Canadian family who had flown for the RAF. He stayed in England after the war. He became involved with the labor movement. The final scene was a huge cheering crowd surrounding a boxing ring. Bill was alone in the ring, making a big speech, shirtless and wearing a kilt. The camera panned up and out. The end.

I desperately wanted to see the title of the movie but as usual in dreams, I couldn't make it out.

Also in this dream, Lene and I realized that if we wrote a phony academic book about fanfic, we could include our stories in it as examples. We got a Texas high school to buy into the idea.

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ghrency said...

yeah right..Dreams like movies you couldn't make out..

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