Sunday, November 11, 2007

Katheryne's dream of 10/10

I was sitting in an outdoor picnic pavilion with just about everyone I've ever met as well as a ton of my favorite celebrities. Next to me at the large round banquet table was Bruce Campbell, looking very young and very hot and smelling of some strong musk that had me wanting to pounce upon him, heedless of the danger posed to me by his formidable chin.

In any case, in the middle of our conversation, we notice William Shatner (also looking very young and very hot and reeking of mojo) walking by. As he passes, I notice that he had no clothes on. All I could see was this naked Kirk butt, walking past me and away across the room through the crowd of people. As I admire the scenery, Bruce comments on my staring, and I simply reply: "But it's *Shatner*. He *wants* you to stare." From what I can remember of the dream, even Mister Suave B Movie Actor could not argue with this.

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JK and LT said...

Wow - that is the most "Look at his butt" dream ever. And so true.