Saturday, November 17, 2007

JK's dream of Nov 4, 2007

OMG, this one was long and complicated and I'm already forgetting parts.

You and I drove to L.A. You needed to buy some special paper for a project. We ended up in a very sleazy neighborhood where there was a store you wanted to go to. There was a creepy guy outside asking about this special paper and you wanted to talk to him but I said, "No way, we have to drive 1000 miles to get home and watch Boston Legal." We ended up buying earrings and crap and then went to some house to watch BL. In this episode of BL, I had sex with Bill/Denny on a trip to Las Vegas. There were a whole bunch of middle-aged women there and a party at a nightclub/diner. I thought Denny was going to marry me but he secretly married one of the other women. Then she and another man were having sex in a tanning bed (ouch!). Denny was hiding and watching them. She murdered the guy by keeping him in the tanning bed too long.

There was also a recovering heroin addict played by Whoopi Goldberg (some of the time) and Bette Midler (the rest of the time). She was an artist who I moved in with with and then she got a showing at some gallery.

You and I ended up working in a shoestore.

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