Thursday, December 13, 2007

LT's dream of Dec 13, 2007

I was planning JK's wedding; she was getting married to her current husband. We decided that William Shatner should give her away at the wedding, so we contacted his "people" and begged them to get him to do it - told them about the podcast and everything. Then it was the day of the wedding and we still weren't sure he was going to show up. I was waiting at a bus stop for the bus to take me to the church and this huge limo pulled up, the door swung open, and there was Bill (dressed up like Denny Crane - very sharp)! He was happy and laughing and said "Of course I'll do it."

I wasn't sure if I could ride to the church in the limo with him, but he invited me in - there were other people in the back that I didn't know. We all rode together and Bill was funny and charming the whole way, and seemed to think this was a hoot. We got to the church and there was JK and her husband - she was wearing a beautiful white dress and was so giggly and happy that Bill was giving her away!

I woke up before the reception.

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JK and LT said...

I think the meaning of this dream is very clear. You're much classier than I am. In my dream, Bill and I are sitting on the floor of a bus with no seats. I'm also hanging out in a bar and getting thrown out of an amusement park. In your dream, you and Bill are riding in a limo.

I am humbled.